Large Helium Gas Cannister for Balloons

Large Helium Cannister for Party Balloons

Code: 1577

Price: £40.69 each

Everything you need for your party. Helium filled gas cylinder and valve that is lightweight, portable, safe to transport by car, easy to use and of course completely disposable

  • will fill approx 20 x 28cm/11inch latex balloons
  • or will fill approx 50 x 23cm /9 inch latex balloons
  • or will fill approx 17 x 18 inch foil balloons (Stars & Heart Shape Foils)
  • or will fill approx 6 x Number Balloons
  • or will fill approx 3 x large latex 1 metre balloons
  • 0.41 Cubic Metres of Helium Gas