Red 1 Metre Giant Wedding Balloon

Giant 1 Metre Latex Balloon - Red

Code: 2144

Price: £3.80 each

A beautiful and unusual giant spherical balloon that is 1 metre in diameter. Can be used with air or helium.

Ideas on how to use your fantastic giant 1 metre party balloon:

  • stunning when simply floating on a ribbon and balloon weight and dotted around a party or wedding venue
  • hand held by the party boy or girl or the bride and her bridesmaids.
  • beautiful in wedding photography held by bride or bridesmaid
  • decorate an outdoor wedding altertie to the back of chairs or at the end of a church pew
  • use to decoratively fill a marque or party venue ceiling
  • give out as party gifts.add numerous lengths of ribbon and crepe paper from the bottom of the balloon for a beautiful effect.
  • add paper honeycomb and pom pom decorations to the balloon ribbon for a dramatic balloon display.they will stay afloat for approx 5 days if filled with helium.
  • 39.4 inches