Rose Pink Heart Latex Wedding Balloons

Rose Pink Heart Latex Wedding Balloons

Code: 1089

Price: £0.25 each

Beautiful heart themed rose pink wedding balloons work perfectly for pink wedding colour schemes.

  • Our 0.25 cubic metre compressed helium cannister will fill approx 10 of these balloons. Our large approx 20.
  • 11 inch

Looking to create wedding venue and wedding table balloon displays?

Create 3 spectacular balloon displays - It's so simple

Cut your required length of party balloon ribbon and attach to your balloon weight at one end and a heart balloon at the other. Adjust the height of the balloon ribbon according to your requirements (i.e a tall venue decoration or a shorter table balloon display. Attach shorter varying lengths of the balloon ribbon to latex party balloons and then attach these to the balloon weight to create your cluster. .

This balloon display kit should use approximately 90% of the helium cannister.